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    Who We Are: Wellness company leveraging technology to give you the tools, education, and resources to take control of your health.

    What We Do: We created and maintain a platform to engage, educate and influence people to make positive life choices.

    Why We Do It: We believe life is defined by small everyday choices.  Our wellness platform and programming positively impacts and supports these choices and results in improved outcomes and cost savings.

    Mission: Optimal wellness through technology, education and social engagement

    Beliefs: Engage | Educate | Empower©


    • Excellence - We are continually seeking ways to improve.
    • Integrity - We are committed to honesty, confidentiality, trust, and respect.
    • Compassion - We have genuine concern for people and treat them with empathy.
    • Teamwork - We work as an integrated team to improve our community.
    • Innovation - We welcome change and encourage invention.
    • Service - We strive to exceed our communities expectations.
    • Productivity - We are an effective, lean and fast-moving organization.
    • Collaboration - We identify, empower and promote our community partners. 


    Join our online wellness program designed to help you achieve Optimal Health. Our program enables you to track your numbers, participate in fun challenges and learn techniques to reach your health goals.


    305 Woodstock Road.
    Eastlake, OH  44095

    Ph: 440-478-5640